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Ninth of Eighth Month, 1757. -- Orders came at night to the military officersin our county (Burlington), directing them to draft the militia, and prepare anumber of men to go off as soldiers, to the relief of the English at FortWilliam Henry, in New York government; a few days after which there was ageneral review of the militia at Mount Holly, and a number of men were chosenand sent off under some officers. Shortly after, there came orders to draftthree times as many, who were to hold themselves in readiness to march whenfresh orders came. On the 17th there was a meeting of the military officers atMount Holly, who agreed on draft; orders were sent to the men so chosen to meettheir respective captains at set times and places, those in our township tomeet at Mount Holly, amongst whom were a considerable number of our Society. Mymind being affected herewith, I had fresh opportunity to see and consider theadvantage of living in the real substance of religion, where practice dothharmonize with principle. Amongst the officers are men of understanding, whohave some regard to sincerity where they see it; and when such in the executionof their office have men to deal with whom they believe to be upright-hearted,it is a painful task to put them to trouble on account of scruples ofconscience, and they will be likely to avoid it as much as easily may be. But where men profess to be so meek and heavenly-minded, and to have their trust sofirmly settled in God that they cannot join in wars, and yet by their spiritand conduct in common life manifest a contrary disposition, their difficultiesare great at such a time. "Whose head'll you knock off?" said a burly man, thrusting himself in front of the lawyer, with his fist doubled. Such are the different rewards of the just and unjust in a future state, thatto attend diligently to the dictates of the spirit of Christ, to devoteourselves to His service, and to engage fervently in His cause, during our short stay in this world, is a choice well becoming a free, intelligentcreature. We shall thus clearly see and consider that the dealings of God withmankind, in a national capacity, as recorded in Holy Writ, do sufficientlyevidence the truth of that saying, "It is righteousness which exalteth anation"; and though He doth not at all times suddenly execute His judgments ona sinful people in this life, yet we see in many instances that when "menfollow lying vanities they forsake their own mercies"; and as a proud, selfishspirit prevails and spreads among a people, so partial judgment, oppression,discord, envy, and confusions increase, and provinces and kingdoms are made todrink the cup of adversity as a reward of their own doing. Thus the inspiredprophet, reasoning with the degenerated Jews, saith, "Thine own wickednessshall correct thee, and thy backsliding shall reprove thee; know, therefore,that it is an evil thing and bitter that thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God,and that My fear is not in thee, saith the Lord God of Hosts" (Jer. ii. 19). Washing our garments to keep them sweet is cleanly, but it is the opposite toreal cleanliness to hide dirt in them. Through giving way to hiding dirt in ourgarments a spirit which would conceal that which is disagreeable isstrengthened. Real cleanliness becometh a holy people; but hiding that which isnot clean by colouring our garments seems contrary to the sweetness ofsincerity. Through some sorts of dyes cloth is rendered less useful. And if thevalue of dye-stuffs, and expense of dyeing, and the damage done to cloth, wereall added together, and that cost applied to keeping all sweet and clean, howmuch more would real cleanliness prevail. Second day. -- He said he felt the disorder to affect his head, so that hecould think little and but as a child, and desired, if his understanding shouldbe more affected, to have nothing given him that those about him knew he had atestimony against. First of Seventh Month. -- I have been at Quarterly Meetings at Sherrington,Northampton, Banbury, and Shipton, and have had sundry meetings between. Mymind hath been bowed under a sense of divine goodness manifested among us; myheart hath been often enlarged in true love, both among ministers and eldersand in public meetings, and through the Lord's goodness I believe it hath beena fresh visitation to many, in particular to the youth. 午夜色大片在线观看,日本一本2017国产,依人青青青免费观看 Third day. -- He uttered the following prayer: -- "'O Lord, my God! theamazing horrors of darkness were gathered around me, and covered me all over,and I saw no way to go forth; I felt the depth and extent of the misery of myfellow-creatures separated from the divine harmony, and it was heavier than Icould bear, and I was crushed down under it; I lifted up my hand, I stretchedout my arm, but there was none to help me; I looked round about and was amazed. Fourteenth of Fifth Month. -- I was this day at Camp Creek Monthly Meeting,and then rode to the mountains up James River, and had a meeting at a Friend'shouse, in both which I felt sorrow of heart, and my tears were poured outbefore the Lord, who was pleased to afford a degree of strength by which waywas opened to clear my mind amongst Friends in those places. From thence I wentto Ford Creek, and so to Cedar Creek again, at which place I now had a meeting. After I went to my lodgings, and the case was a little known in town, aFriend laid before me the great inconvenience attending a passage in thesteerage, which for a time appeared very discouraging to me. � He also bought three Jersey cows; they would improve the small dairy business he had established, and their milk would be good for Naomi. His watchfulness of his wife had now almost become tyranny. He scolded her if she stooped to pick up her scissors, and would not let her walk even in the garden without him.