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The sense I had of the state of the churches brought a weight of distressupon me. The gold to me appeared dim, and the fine gold changed, and thoughthis is the case too generally, yet the sense of it in these parts hath in aparticular manner borne heavy upon me. It appeared to me that, through theprevailing of the spirit of this world, the minds of many were brought to aninward desolation, and instead of the spirit of meekness, gentleness, andheavenly wisdom, which are the necessary companions of the true sheep ofChrist, a spirit of fierceness and the love of dominion too generallyprevailed. From small beginnings in error great buildings by degrees areraised, and from one age to another are more and more strengthened by thegeneral concurrence of the people; and as men obtain reputation by theirprofession of the truth, their virtues are mentioned as arguments in favour ofgeneral error; and those of less note, to justify themselves, say, such andsuch good men did the like. By what other steps could the people of Judah ariseto that height in wickedness as to give just ground for the Prophet Isaiah todeclare, in the name of the Lord, "that none calleth for justice, nor anypleadeth for truth" (Isa. lix. 4), or for the Almighty to call upon the greatcity of Jerusalem just before the Babylonish captivity, "If ye can find a man,if there be any who executeth judgment, that seeketh the truth, and I willpardon it" (Jer. v. 1)? As I was favoured to keep to the root, and endeavour to discharge what Ibelieved was required of me, I found inward peace therein, from time to time,and thankfulness of heart to the Lord, who was graciously pleased to be a guideto me. More than one such delay attended Bergan's progress southward. Under their teasing friction, the shadowy anxiety with which he had set out, increased to a positive weight of alarm. Reaching Savalla on the twelfth evening, he stopped neither for rest nor refreshment, but looked up a horse, flung himself into the saddle, and set off toward Berganton at a rapid rate. Outside the city limits, however, he was forced to slacken his pace. The night was dark, no faintest gleam of moon or star tempered the black obscurity of the tree-arched and swamp-bordered road. Compelled thus to feel his way, as it were, it was near midnight when he came upon the outlying fields of Oakstead. Reluctantly he told himself that an interview with Carice, to-night, was out of the question; she and all the household were certain to be fast asleep, it was doubtful if even the faintest outline of the darkened dwelling would be discernible through the murky night. He had no choice but to ride on to Berganton. From the Yearly Meeting in Virginia I went to Carolina, and on the 1st ofSixth Month was at Wells Monthly Meeting, where the spring of the gospelministry was opened, and the love of Jesus Christ experienced among us; to Hisname be the praise. They mostly appeared to take kindly what I said to them; but their minds wereso deeply impressed with the almost universal depravity among sailors, that thepoor creatures in their answers to me have revived in my remembrance that ofthe degenerate Jews a little before the captivity, as repeated by Jeremiah theprophet, "There is no hope."Now under this exercise a sense of the desire of outward gain prevailingamong us felt grievous; and a strong call to the professed followers of Christ was raised in me that all may take heed lest, through loving this presentworld, they be found in a continued neglect of duty with respect to a faithfullabour for reformation. Carice was strolling languidly along the bank of the creek, the heaviness of her heart easily discoverable in her absent face and languid step. Her eyes rested on the same stream, her ears were filled with the murmur of the same leaves, which had witnessed her parting with Bergan, nearly two months before, yet neither made any distinct impression on her mind; she saw and heard but the flow and murmur of her own troubled thoughts. She had noticed a singular change of tone in Doctor Remy, of late, with respect to Bergan. He no longer made the young man the subject of free and frank conversation; if obliged to mention him at all, he did it with a certain reserve and caution, an air of picking and choosing his phrases, which at first puzzled, and was now beginning to alarm, the poor girl, already worn and nervous with the long sickness of hope deferred. 午夜福利1000集福利92,偷自视频区视频,成人 视频网,琪琪see色原网站在线观看 � He lay quiet for a moment, busy with his own thoughts. All at once he started up, exclaiming;? Fourth of Sixth Month. -- Wet weather, high winds, and so dark that we couldsee but a little way. I perceived our seamen were apprehensive of the danger ofmissing the channel, which I understood was narrow. In a while it grew lighter,and they saw the land and knew where we were. Thus the Father of Mercies waspleased to try us with the sight of dangers, and then graciously, from time totime, deliver us from them; thus sparing our lives, that in humility andreverence we might walk before Him and put our trust in Him. About noon a pilotcame off from Dover, where my beloved friend Samuel Emlen went on shore andthence to London, about seventy-two miles by land; but I felt easy in stayingin the ship. About this time I wrote an epistle to Friends in the back settlements ofNorth Carolina, as follows: -TO FRIENDS AT THEIR MONTHLY MEETING AT NEW GARDEN AND CANE CREEK, IN NORTHCAROLINA: -DEAR FRIENDS, -- It having pleased the Lord to draw me forth on a visit tosome parts of Virginia and Carolina, you have often been in my mind; and thoughmy way is not clear to come in person to visit you, yet I feel it in my heartto communicate a few things, as they arise in the love of truth. First, my dearfriends, dwell in humility; and take heed that no views of outward gain get toodeep hold of you, that so, your eyes being single to the Lord, you may be preserved in the way of safety. Where people let loose their minds after thelove of outward things, and are more engaged in pursuing the profits andseeking the friendships of this world, than to be inwardly acquainted with theway of true peace, they walk in a vain shadow, while the true comfort of lifeis wanting. Their examples are often hurtful to others; and their treasuresthus collected do many times prove dangerous snares to their children. Do affairs relating to civil society call me near this infection? If I go, itis at the hazard of my health and life, and it becomes me to think seriouslywhether love to truth and righteousness is the motive of my attending; whetherthe mannner of proceeding is altogether equitable, or whether aught ofnarrowness, party interest, respect to outward dignities, names, ordistinctions among men, do not stain the beauty of those assemblies, and render it doubtful; in point of duty, whether a disciple of Christ ought to attend asa member united to the body or not. Whenever there are blemishes which for aseries of time remain such, that which is a means of stirring us up to lookattentively on these blemishes, and to labour according to our capacities tohave health and soundness restored in our country, we may justly account akindness from our gracious Father, who appointed that means.